In 1928, Reverend Dr. Boynton Merrill visited England and noticed that in many English parish churches there were small altars with small chairs where the rector could meet with the children.  These children’s corners echoed the structure of the larger church.  The Children’s Chapel at Second Church was added in 1929, and was the first children’s chapel in the United States.  The Altar, candles, prayer stalls and chairs are all “child sized.”  Children (of all ages) are especially delighted by the animals on the column capitals.  The panel to the left reads, “This chapel is dedicated to the Glory of God.  May little children here learn the power and beauty of worship.”



The windows in the Children’s Chapel were designed by Joseph Reynolds, the same artist that designed the Mothers’ Window over the Altar in the Chancel.  The tryptic over the Children’s Chapel Altar is based on two stories featuring children fro the Apocrypha.  Tobias with his guardian angel, Rahael, is depicted in the left lancet, and Mary receiving instruction from her mother, Anne, is shown in the right.  Jesus blessing children is shown in the center.  At the bottom the inscription reads, “The Lord will guide His children into all truth and beauty.”


The stained-glass craftsmen used the narrow borders of the windows in this chapel to etch whimsical jokes in the Medieval tradition.  The cartoons include a clown (perhaps Charlie Chaplin), a cat, a mouse, a woman (perhaps a Sunday School teacher) and the masques of comedy and tragedy.