A Snippet from a Loaves and Fishes Sermon

Posted by secondchurch on September - 20 - 2017

What I think happened is that these people had a long day. They couldn’t manage to get out of Jesus what they wanted, which scripture says was healing, so the disciples said if you sit down and be quiet for long enough, you’ll get what you came for. My guess is that it took at least an hour to get everyone to sit down and quieted.  My guess is that Jesus gave thanks to God for bringing all these people together and probably said a few motivating words and told a couple of memorable stories. My guess is that people were asked to tell their neighbors why they came to the gathering, how they had heard about it, what they were looking for, and what they expected to go home with. My guess is that they were satisfied because they got to tell the story of their spiritual journey and got to hear others. My guess is that people bonded with one another in a way that they had never done before. Their minds and souls were engaged in being together and being one with God. How many of us have had experiences where time has gotten away and we didn’t realize that we may have missed a meal and we didn’t really care? We were satisfied anyway by some spiritual morsel we received.

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