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Posted by secondchurch on December - 20 - 2018

Luke 1:39-56 December 16, 2018 Carla J. Bailey, Senior Pastor   One of the many things I love about this season is the wild cast of characters we get to meet again, year after year – Marley’s ghost and Scrooge, the Grinch, Rudolph of the red-nosed species, Charlie Brown’s pathetic  [ Read More ]

Pre-Natal Politics

Posted by secondchurch on December - 14 - 2018

Pre-Natal Politics Luke 3:1-6 Carla J. Bailey December 9, 2018 Clergy who regularly deliver children’s sermons on Sunday mornings can all tell of one time or another when, with the microphone on and all the adults paying close attention, a moment with the children goes completely awry.  Usually, this is  [ Read More ]


Posted by secondchurch on December - 2 - 2018

A Funny Kind of King John 18:33-38 November 25, 2018 Carla J. Bailey, Pastor In the Christian liturgical year, today is the last day, the end of the year.  Next Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, we begin the church year all over again, reading the texts of warning and  [ Read More ]


Posted by secondchurch on December - 2 - 2018

Remembering Gratitude Deuteronomy 26:1-11 November 18, 2018 Carla J. Bailey, Senior Pastor For some reason, I have been nostalgic for Thanksgivings past, in particular, Thanksgiving-themed worship services.  In my very first church, in a small, dairy farming community in Wisconsin, the Thanksgiving worship experience was most memorable.  I had been  [ Read More ]


Posted by secondchurch on November - 9 - 2018

If You Had Been Here John 11:32-44 All Saints Sunday. November 4, 2018 Carla J. Bailey, Senior Pastor   Yesterday’s rain and blustery winds brought down many of the leaves that didn’t want to believe it was fall yet, so now, this morning, it looks like November.  Both the appearance of  [ Read More ]


Posted by secondchurch on October - 19 - 2018

This Isn’t About You Mark 10:17-31 October 14, 2018 Carla J. Bailey   We’re in an interesting time in our country, in which many more people now know the meaning of the word narcissist than did fifty years ago, or even ten years ago.  Of course, not as many who  [ Read More ]


Posted by secondchurch on October - 19 - 2018

How Can a Nation Confess? Psalm 33 October 7, 2018 – World Communion Sunday Second Church Newton Carla J. Bailey   This past Wednesday, approximately 75% of all cell phones in the United States received a “Presidential Alert”, which said, in part, “No action is needed”.  I could not disagree  [ Read More ]


Posted by secondchurch on October - 19 - 2018

Egos Aside Mark 9:30-37 A sermon preached at Second Church UCC  West Newton, MA September 23, 2018 Carla J. Bailey Preaching is kind of a funny job.  It’s a little like writing a weekly editorial.  Only, of course, Christian preachers have something of a narrower scope.  Sometimes we teach.  Sometimes  [ Read More ]