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Join us for Worship  Sunday  October 14, 10:00

Rev. Dr. Carla Bailey Preaching


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 YOUTH GROUP BRUNCH AT IHop after worship 


Items for the Newton Food Pantry will be collected during the service.

A list of most needed items are available HERE



Frances West, former Chief Accessibility Officer at IBM, is so determined to improve accessibility inclusion that she has founded her own company to promote it. She will tell how technology is affecting every aspect of our lives today, and why we must make accessibility available to everyone world-wide, regardless of age or ability. Come to this Sunday session to learn what is happening and what is being done by public, private and nonprofit companies around the globe to address digital inclusion and accessibility.


FROM PASTOR CARLA There is so much in our American culture that celebrates individualism and so little in Jesus’ teachings that support such celebration. And there is so much in our culture that defines success by accumulation and status, and again, so little in Jesus’ teachings to support such a definition. How have we have gone so awry? What does it mean to relinquish? to care more for the well-being of those who are “the least and the lost” than for ourselves? Our text on Sunday is the story of the man who asked Jesus what he should do to inherit eternal life? Mark’s version of the story (Mark 10:17-31) tells us that Jesus loved the man, but told him to sell everything he owned and give the money to the poor. The man went away shocked and grieving because he had a lot. Jesus went on to teach his disciples some hard things about what it takes to enter the Realm of God. Like those first disciples and the man who was shocked, we don’t like Jesus’ answer. Or, more accurately, we LIKE his answer. We just don’t believe it. I hope you’ll join us for worship.

And, by the way, a study of church growth found that 82% of people who attend a church for the first time were invited by a friend. All the other ways of getting folks to church – advertisements, pastor invitations, social media – all together made up only 18%. So, invite a friend to church, or ask someone who has stopped coming to come back.

Potluck Dinner Church – Wednesdays at 6 o’clock

Dinner Church will continue this fall.  We’ll meet at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays, and instead of signing up to provide dinner, we’ll bring food potluck-style. There is no sign up – just bring whatever you wish, ideally enough to feed five or more people – think cookies, veggies from your garden, or a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try. We know that this may mean there are nights when we do not have a traditional “balanced meal” and we accept this as part of the fun.  If you are unable to bring something, don’t let this prevent you from joining us.  Come anyway!  Write Leah with questions:



Fall schedules for youth group and 20/30’s group have been shared via email and upcoming events will be posted in Constant Contact. If you are not currently receiving youth group/2030’s emails, but would like to, please write Leah to be added to the list. Upcoming events include those listed below, with more details shared on the youth group and 20/30’s mailing lists:

Sunday, October 14: Youth Group Brunch at IHOP after Worship
Sunday, October 28: Youth Group Trunk or Treat Volunteering 
Sunday, November 4: 2030’s Dinner and Evensong
Sunday, November 11: Youth Group Brunch at IHOP
Sunday, November 18: Youth Group Laser Tag Outing
Sunday, November 25: Youth Group Brunch at IHop

Leah’s Starbucks Office Hours:  Tuesdays, 7:15-8:30 pm Stop by the Auburndale Starbucks (2095 Commonwealth Ave) on Tuesday nights from 7:15-8:30 to talk about faith, spirituality, and the big questions.

 Children in Worship

As we transition to worship in our main sanctuary, please remember that children of all ages are invited to join us in worship and have the choice to stay with their parents in the pews or to come forward and be in the supervised Prayground area between the pulpit and the first pew. Unstructured childcare is also available downstairs in Room 110 for children who do not feel ready to be in worship.

Digital Ministry for Kids

Second Church is offering a weekly mailing designed specifically for families with young children! Each Wednesday, you’ll receive an email with the coming Sunday’s Bible story in an accessible, comic book-style format and a few suggestions for discussion starters or activities. Because this is entirely online, we’re able to include friends or family in distant places – all you need is an email address!  If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or caregiver and you’d like to be on this list, write Leah:




The Neighbors in Need Offering will be received October 7

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Oct. 10, 7 pm: Plymouth Church, 87 Edgell Rd., Framingham

Question 3 is a referendum on the 2016 Massachusetts law prohibiting discrimination against transgender people in public spaces. A “yes” vote would uphold the non-discrimination provisions while a “No” vote would repeal the law.

Speakers include Tracy McKay, mother of 2 transgender children and Taj Smith, Faith Organizing Director of Freedom for All Massachusetts, a bipartisan coalition working to update civil rights laws.  All are welcome. 


Scotch and God Talk Friday, October 19th

Scotch and God Talk returns to Newton. Please come and enjoy each other’s company and theology and talk about how we might be more centered in God’s purpose. It will be a relaxing evening of good conversation with great company. There will be a veggie platter as well as a cheese plate provided, and please bring your favorite bottle of spirits or soft beverage to enjoy with all. The event will be at my home, 13 Fuller Terrace, West Newton at 8 P.M. All are welcome! Jack Holder



Saturday, October 20, 7:30 pm          

All participants are donating their services; proceeds benefit “Sleep in Heavenly Peace,” a charity making bunk beds for children in low income and immigrant families.  The concert will feature inspiring chamber music by unheralded immigrant composers from Bohemia, Hungary, Poland and Italy.

Tickets: Adults – $30, Seniors – $25, Students – $10, Under 18 free admission.  For program and performers, click HERE. 


Progressive Dinner – November 17 

The Progressive Dinner, our annual moveable feast, will be on Saturday, November 17. We start with potluck appetizers at one house, break into smaller groups for dinner, and reunite at a different home for potluck desserts. Save the date, and please start thinking about whether you could host a dinner for 4 or more guests, be a co-host (that is, help a host and maybe bring a side dish), or whether you could host the large gatherings for potluck appetizers or dessert. An E-vite will go out in mid-October.


It’s a new Day and a new event!

Saturday, December 1st, 10 am to 3 pm

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We support the Newton Food Pantry

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Sat Oct 19      8:00  Scotch and God Talk  See above

Sat Nov. 17     Progressive Dinner

Sat Dec. 1      December Market



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